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Health month at City of Parramatta Libraries Mandarin

September 8, 2021

九月是我們的健康月, 在疫情比較嚴重的今天,保持良好的身心健康尤為重要。我們圖書館和西悉尼地區衛生局合辦了一系列關於健康生活 ,健康身心的活動。 在我們的網頁上 你可以看到大量關於這方面的資訊, 還有 各種的網上活動, 目的是為了幫助大家建立一個更健康的生活方式。 下面我們圖書館的Vivien 將同大家介紹一下具體的活動內容。

‘Spring into health’ this September at City of Parramatta Libraries. We have lots of activities & online programs to get involved in; long with handy tips to help everyone stay well. Use September to focus on a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, exercise more. Take advantage of NSW Health’s free telephone based health coaching that can provide you with the support and motivation you need to reach your own healthy lifestyle goals. Join Now 

In this podcast Vivien talks about some of the programs, we have to offer this September.

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